Good news! There are news!

Hi and sorry! It's been hectic and we have not been punching our news into the news feed. So let's get started with some light news.

We have recently added "Go Fjords" to our data exports. Go Fjords operates three bus lines between Stavanger and respectively The Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen), Øygardstøl hiking route to Kjerag, and Tyssedal.


Many might also wonder: What about Vy? We are planning to change the codespace of NSB, GJB, NBE and possibly FLB over to new VY* codespaces. However, due to the relatively large risks of something going wrong, we are holding off for a while. All in good time, eh?

A list of current, future and obsolete codespaces can be found here:


We'll try to keep the news flowing from now on. Again, very sorry about that.