"Nasjonalt stoppestedsregister" (NSR) is the master database for public transport stops in Norway and is primarily used to store and redistribute detailed information regarding the infrastructure of a stop place.

The data is created and maintained per region by the respective county (fylkeskommune) with Entur acting as the overall administrator. All stops currently in active use by public transport services must be present and active in NSR, regardless of physical condition. The purpose of having a master database for all stops is to avoid duplication of stop data across providers and to make it easier for new operators to plan, and establish routes. The basic information stored in NSR is ID, name, relation, and position, but other data such as shelter or wheelchair accessibility is also handled.

Log in as "guest"/"guest" at stoppested.entur.org  to begin viewing the contents of NSR.

enlightened  When developing services which require repetitive fetching of stops data, please use the Geocoder- or Journey planner API's instead of the NSR API. Excessive traffic on NSR may be blocked. 


URL to the API: https://api.entur.io/stop-places/v1/graphql

URL GraphiQL IDE with full documentation: https://api.entur.org/doc/shamash-nsr/


NSR is open under NLOD licence, however, it is required that all consumers identify themselves by using the header ET-Client-Name. Entur will deploy strict rate-limiting policies on API-consumers who do not identify with a header and reserves the right to block unidentified consumers. The structure of ET-Client-Name should be: "company - application"

Header examples:

  • "brakar - journeyplanner"
  • "fosen_utvikling - infoplakat"
  • "norway_bussekspress - reiseplanlegger"

Nastional stop register API (NSR API)

URL til API-et: https://api.entur.io/stop-places/v1/graphql

URL til GraphiQL IDE: https://api.entur.org/doc/shamash-nsr/