Velcome to the Offers API.

Offers API provides endpoints for generating and retrieving offers for a combination of origin and destination. Offers API typically gathers more information about the departure and sends a request to the Products API, where the offer is generated. In addition Offers API is responsible for caching the offers which Products API produces, these offers are cached for 30 minutes.



Currently the only requirement for authentication is when requesting offers for a certain distribution channel. Some offers are only valid for a specific distribution channel, these offers can only be retrieved if a valid combination of a Entur-issued 0Auth2 bearer token and distribution channel is passed in the request.

In order to issue a valid token you must have a client_id and client_secret(the mechanisms for obtaining these are not in place yet).

curl --request POST \
  --url 'https://<type_of_token>.<environment>' \
  --header 'content-type: application/json' \
  --data '{"grant_type":"client_credentials","client_id": "<clientid>","client_secret": "<clientsecret>","audience": "https://api.<envirnoment>"}



All requests will have a correlation id which is pertained with a request as it propagates through the system. This value will show which request is being processed as it flows through the system. This value is automatically created and maintained by the internal logging library, and should not require any further actions from client developers.

Description Header key Example value
Distribution Channel Entur-Distribution-Channel ENT:DistributionChannel:app
Correlation Id correlationId
Authorization Authorization  Bearer xxxxxxx.yyyyyyyy.zzzzzzzzz



The Offers API has a standardised way of representing value of products. Firstly, a currency code must always be specified for a given product (e. g. "NOK", "USD", etc). Secondly, the amount for the given currency is represented as a numeric string with two decimal points (e. g. "100.00").


Short description of Offers API

Send a query to the journey planner and get back possible itineraries between two places.

 Example request
 Example response


Finds the trip-pattern-record with matching id and returns the trip-pattern along with offers and seating capacity available for that trip-pattern.

 Example response


Create new offers for a trip-pattern for a specified list of travelers.
 Example request
 Example response