New release of Entur GTFS feed

Entur plans to roll out an updated version of their GTFS feed on November 3rd 2021. This is a technical update that will allow us to export GTFS data originated from new data providers. It provides also improvements and fixes minor issues with the existing feed.

Release notes:


  • In some instances unused stops were exported in stops.txt. They are now filtered out.
  • The shape_dist_traveled in stop_times.txt and shapes.txt had unnecessary digits (sub-meter precision). This field is now rounded to the meter.
  • Columns that do not contain any value are skipped.

Bug Fix:

  • The wheelchair_boarding field in stops.txt was inconsistent with data in the Norwegian Stop Registry. This is now fixed.

Other changes:

  • The column order in the GTFS export for individual operators is changed. There is no column order change for the all-Norway aggregated exports.