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Nov 14th 2021 products

Fields in CompanionProfile to be deprecated

The fields parentRef and userProfileRef of objects CompanionProfile and CompanionProfileEntity will be removed Nov 14th 2021, when the deprecation period is over. A new field, userProfileId, has been added and will contain the NetexId of the userProfile that can join as a companion. parentRef is removed as adding or updating CompanionProfiles should now be done when adding or updating the parent GroupTicket or UserProfile.

Jul 3rd 2021 products

UsageValidityPeriod field usageEnd to be removed

The field usageEnd of object UsageValidityPeriod will be removed Jul 3rd 2021, when the deprecation period is over. The field is currently not in use in the backend, but instead the field usageEnds is used, which supports a set instead of a single instance.

Apr 30th 2020 GTFS Feed

New Release of the GTFS Feed

Entur plans to roll out an updated version of their GTFS feed on April 30th 2020. This is a technical update aimed at improving the speed of the export process and reducing resource consumption on Entur 's system. The data scope and semantic is unchanged. Some minor changes in the data format will result in a more compact dataset and are not expected to impact data consumers. See the detailed change description.

API Changelogs

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Latest Changes

pos-register 2.4.4

Oct 27th 2021
  • Location is now marked as required in api-doc for PointOfSaleResponse.
  • Location is now required for all Point Of Sales.
  • Refactoring and improvements in code.
Breaking changes
Development environment
Staging environment
Production environment

pos-register 2.4.3

Oct 25th 2021
  • More accurate api-doc for PointOfSaleResponse and PointOfSaleRequest.
  • Api-doc schema objects are now alphabetically sorted.
  • Name is now required when creating point-of-sale.
Breaking changes
Development environment
Staging environment
Production environment

electronic-journal 1.9.18

Oct 19th 2021
  • Improve accuracy of api-docs for multiple response objects.
  • Changed DepositResponse, DiffResponse, ManualLineResponse, and PaymentsByType to use PaymentType enum.
Development environment
Staging environment
Production environment

News Blog

August 8th 2019

Recommendation feature released for offers

Recommendations are an optional feature that aims to recommend which offers you need to buy for various situations, the purpose of this is to reduce the number of offers the clients need to evaluate. Currently we support recommendations based on three types of commercial conditions, and cheapest offers. Recommendations are the new way to "mark" offers, and therefore TagSpec will be deprecated but supported until November 1. 2019.

For more details on recommendations, see guides under Offers.

Improving this developer portal

August 7th 2019

We are currently trying to improve the organisation and content of the portal. This may lead to changes in the URL's, things being moved around in the menu, and eventually some restructuring of the content in each article. Hopefully for the better :).

URL's keep on being updated

June 3rd 2019

For quite some time we have been working on moving our endpoints to new URL's. The old endpoints journey planner, real-time, geocoder and stop places will be turned off on the 1st of July 2019. Make sure all your API requests are pointing to

A change of tech!

May 29th 2019

We have just transitioned over to a new Docz based developer portal and we are still working on its finer details. In the meanwhile, everything previously available should still be there, and we will be working on improving navigation, content and visuals over the coming days and weeks, into infinity - because there is always something new! Stay tuned - stay patient!

Good news! There are news!

May 9th 2019

Hi and sorry! It's been hectic and we have not been punching our news into the news feed. So let's get started with some light news.

We have recently added "Go Fjords" to our data exports. Go Fjords operates three bus lines between Stavanger and respectively The Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen), Øygardstøl hiking route to Kjerag, and Tyssedal.

Many might also wonder: What about Vy? We are planning to change the codespace of NSB, GJB, NBE and possibly FLB over to new VY* codespaces. However, due to the relatively large risks of something going wrong, we are holding off for a while. All in good time, eh?

A list of current, future and obsolete codespaces can be found here: List of current Codespaces

We'll try to keep the news flowing from now on. Again, very sorry about that.

Entur for Developers

October 18th 2018

Welcome to Entur for developers, a website facilitating collaboration on solutions supporting simple and sustainable transportation.

The site contains information useful for developers, expressed expressed as quickstarts, guides, samples and links to more documentation.

Several Web APIs are open to consumers for all purposes. The other APIs are reserved for parties in the transport sector with a contract. Streaming APIs are also available.

For data consumers that need complete data sets, you will find files available for download.

Source code is provided for all parties interested in creating software using our APIs.

For feedback on the site or content, please contact For contract users, send feedback as agreed.