Journey Planner

This API is the core service for journey planning and uses OpenTripPlanner software to provide departure boards for individual stops, and point-to-point journey planning for all public transport in Norway, including real-time information, regardless of transport mode, or operator. All data is presented as a Transmodel-based GraphQL-API.

To make it easier for our users to construct valid API-queries, we have an IDE for the API where you also find the documentation.

Example queries


This API is open under NLOD licence, however, it is required that all consumers identify themselves by using the header ET-Client-Name. Entur will deploy strict rate-limiting policies on API-consumers who do not identify with a header and reserves the right to block unidentified consumers. The structure of ET-Client-Name should be: "company - application"

Header examples: "brakar - journeyplanner" "fosen_utvikling - departureboard" "norway_bussekspress - nwy-app"