Point-of-Sale Registry

The Point-of-Sales Registry keeps track of all points of sale, both manned (e.g. a vendor on board a train) and unmanned (e.g a ticket vending machine), using our cash register system. The registry will be populated by the operators through Entur Partner. It is not possible to do a sale from a point of sale not added to this registry.


The POS-registry requires for every request a bearer token in the Authorization header either as a internal (Entur employee) user or a partner (e.g NSB employee). You may obtain the token using the Entur Auth0 bearer token provider, see https://live-entur.devportal.apigee.io/content/authentication

Short description of POS-registry API

GET Get a location

Get the location with the given Id

GET Get all locations

Get all locations in the database

POST Create new location

Creates a new Location and returns the created object.

GET Get a PoS

Get a PoS with the given ID

POST Create PoS

Create a new Point of sale with a PointOfSaleRequest as input and returns the created objects.