API Overview

Here's an overview of the APIs Entur provides. We've divided them into the categories below by what domain they belong to.

Journey Planning APIs

This category holds the APIs and services that are related to stop places, travel search, departures, and so on. If you're interested in prices, products and tickets, this is not it.


Use the Geocoder API to find stop places, addresses and other places based on a name query or coordinates. The geocoder is the engine behind the autosuggest field on entur.no and the Entur app. The results from the geocoder is usually used further in the Journey Planner API.

Example questions that the Geocoder API can answer:

  • What stop places exist with the name "Dronningens gate"?
  • What is the address or stop place at coordinates 61.12353, 10.41234?

Journey Planner

Use the Journey Planner API to find departures from stop places and journeys between places.

National Stop Register

The National Stop Register (NSR) is primary used to get detailed information regarding infrastructure for a stop place. In most cases the Journey Planner API can provide sufficient data about stop places. Use the NSR API if you need something else.

Real-Time Data

We offer real-time data from all public transport sources in Norway on the SIRI 2.0 format. It comes in the standard SIRI XML or as SIRI Lite (ReST).

Offer and Product APIs

These APIs provide information about prices and products. Usually you use these APIs to find prices and products on trip patterns found using the Journey Planner API.


API for calculating fares for public transport in Norway.


API for managing fare-data for public transport.


APIs to deal with quotas. A quota is a limit on the number of instances of something that can be reserved at once. A quota will always be associated with a particular departure, and usually have some sort of geographic constraint (origin/destination).

Seating Services

APIs for seat reservations and seat allocation. A seat is a physical space in some sort of transport (i.e. seat, wheelchair seat/space, sleeper, bicycle place etc.).

Customer and Organisation APIs


The Customers API can be used to access Entur and Entur partner organisation’s customers. The features included in the API are: Customer profiles, Customer authentication, Temporary profiles, Consents and Loyalty programs connected to customers.


Organisation register ("organisations") is service for storing and retrieving organisations referred to by Entur services.

Sales APIs

These APIs provide functionality for closing the deal: selling products, processing payments and distributing tickets.


A collection of all the APIs needed to perform a sale ranging from the creation of Orders and receiving Payments to sending Receipts to the customer.

Point-of-Sale Registry

The point of sale register keeps track of all points of sale which use our cash register system.

Distribution Channel

Distribution Channels controls which organisations may sell, refund or inform on available products or sale points.